Monday, April 22, 2013

I Have Hope

It is so frustrating to know that the world has come to such a point where people can so blatantly disregard life and let a focus on their own personal quest blind them from the good old Do Unto Others philosophy. I am a very firm believer in this for myself and I work hard at teaching my kids that life is about treating others the way you would like to be treated. We all have tremendous value and I don't need to agree with your personal views to respect you.

While I was, along with the rest of our country and hopefully the world, horrified by what I saw in our beloved city last week, I also saw incredible positives in the response of the people. We are one nation, oh yes we are, when it comes to trying times like these. And that is incredible. When you see millions of people reaching out to others, lending a hand or even a place to stay because you can't leave the city, and celebrating the spirit that our country was founded on; that is a good day. There is so much hope here. We have a chance to show our children what it means to help others. We have the opportunity to reflect on how we live our lives and if we focus enough on doing good and supporting the good that we see around us on a regular basis.

I have hope.

I have hope that the country will continue to pull together and once again, fight for the same causes. Maybe after the atrocities that happened on 9/11 and now at the Marathon, our people will really, really get it, and hate less and love more. I have hope that we can do this. I have hope that we can bring America back to a place where we feel safe and prideful. I have hope that we are raising a generation who can take on the challenge set before them to do the right thing even if it's not exactly what they desire.

I have hope.

I also know that it will be a long time before any one messes with Boston again. We started a revolution with a lot less to fight with than these monsters have today, and won. We can and will beat you (whoever you may be) too. I have hope that our city will continue to recover and become even stronger in the wake of tragedy.

Despite the bad, I am choosing to focus on the good.

I have hope.

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  1. Sometimes HOPE is enough! Did you see all the people that went out to Boylston St for the moment of silence? SO many people and so many flowers and momentos left at the memorial. Pretty amazing!