Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Magical Mother's Day

I don't ask for much because quite frankly I need very little. When Roman asked what I wanted for Mother's Day this year I told him probably some plants and mulch for my gardens. I had every intention of working in those gardens today, but after we were finished with church and breakfast I thought it might be fun to go on an somewhere instead. Kids love adventures and quite seriously, don't we all love an unplanned day trip? So I asked the kids where they wanted to go. It had to be out of state and someplace we don't go often. The original thought was that we'd go to the Lakes Region in New Hampshire, but since we all love any reason to go to the ocean, we agreed on the coast instead. I'm so glad we did because we had the BEST day!! It was so fun and relaxing and special and actually beyond words. I hope that we do something like this every Mother's Day because I enjoyed every minute.

The plan was to head to Southern Maine because along with the beach, I wanted to hit an outlet store or two. After all, it was my day. We stopped in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for lunch at BG's Boathouse. It's on the water and the kids were able to look at boats and throw rocks into the water while we waited. I'm not a huge seafood eater and most of their offerings were fried, but it was worth the experience just the same.

After that we traveled though Portsmouth to get into Maine. What a beautiful old historic city! The kids were amazed to see a submarine sticking up out of a hill beside the road. I've always traveled through Portsmouth but never actually stopped there. We are now planning to return for a visit to explore the city. All of these gems in our back yard. I love New England. 

Then we went to York Beach so that the kids could play and we could walk on the beach and take some pictures. I really thought there was no way that they would go into the water very much because it's still the beginning of May. In Maine. However, yet again they proved me wrong and spent an hour playing in the freezing water!

We were all sand and salt coated when we left. It was wonderful. The water was cold, but the air temperature was warm enough that no one was cranky and freezing by the end. It was an amazing way to spend Mother's Day. I hope the kids keep the memories of days like today locked inside and tell their children about them in the future. I believe we may have started a tradition today. And all because I get the honor of being three amazing little people's mom. 

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  1. Wow! You had an amazing Mother's Day! I love your pictures!