Sunday, November 18, 2012

One Season Down

Yesterday was the last Craft Fair that we will participating in for this year. It's been quite an experience over the last few months. I haven't stopped moving in a very long time! The days of the events are long, but it's very encouraging when people come out and buy our items. We've learned how to set-up, various ways to best display our items, and what necessities you must always have with you. It's fun to see which other vendors will be at various events. All of the organizers were incredibly kind and always willing to accommodate our requests to be next to Quinn Bags which was a huge bonus.
Fitting into a very small space! Stacy and I got as much on those little tables as we possibly could.

This event was our easiest set-up because we only had signs.

 Tis the season!

Finishing with a flourish!!

It will be nice to have the weekends back for a little while. For the most part anyway. We have Braeden's birthday coming up and then three weekends in a row of Christmas parties. But that's all fun stuff and doesn't require packing and unpacking the car at least twice. Now we move on to concentrating on our special orders. I couldn't be more thrilled with how many people are letting us create special and unique presents for their holiday giving. Now maybe with a little more time on my hands, I'll be able to have the energy to blog again. Thanks Jen for going on this adventure with me. I'm looking forward to seeing where this crazy idea takes us!

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  1. The table displays look great! Congrats on making it through the craft fairs.