Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And the Fun Keeps Rolling

I keep telling myself that at some point I will go to bed early. Or sit and watch an entire tv show. Or not feel guilty for not doing SOMETHING every minute of every day. But no such luck. I can't even time find to blog and when I do, I'm so wiped that I can't put coherent thoughts together. I feel like I may have written this same post recently, but I'm too lazy to go back and look. And that is just the way it is around here right now. I'm pretty disappointed that I haven't kept up with all that has been going on around our house and in our lives. I'm afraid I'll forget things before I get around to writing them down. But tonight I am sitting still in my living room, which is currently a heap of furniture shoved to the middle so that the painter can work during the day, trying desperately to write something, anything really, that might be slightly meaningful in the future.
I would show pictures to prove the current condition of my house except that as would be totally expected right now, Google is telling me that I'm out of storage. Of course I am. Why would I expect anything else. I guess I"ll put figuring that out on my to-do list.

We had a low-key Thanksgiving which was perfect. I couldn't have handled more. While I love the Thanksgiving meal, the kids could care less and spend the whole day waiting for after dinner when their cousins come and sleep over. It's a highlight in their year for sure. We tell them all (except Maggie) that they can stay up as late as they want to watching movies. It's a challenge to see who can make it the longest. The night was very mellow, but not uneventful. Maggie and Evan were both asleep by 7 so we were two down very early. The four older boys watched Christmas Vacation (always the first movie) munching on popcorn and twizzlers. Somewhere near 9:00 Ethan fell asleep which is unusual but we figured he was tired and did our best to keep the other boys from waking him up while they took a Wii break in between movies. Then it was time for The Grinch. Amazingly Braeden didn't even attempt to fall asleep until just before 11:00. Right around the same time Ethan started to get restless. He snuggled right up close to Jason and then threw up on Jason's pillow. I must compliment Jason on his stealth getaway which kept him completely clean. After the clean up, Ethan was quickly back to sleep and not long after Braeden and Jacob were too. Jason was the only one to make midnight with me. We love every minute of the sleepover. From too much junk food to overtired kids, it's our way of kicking off the Christmas season.

Now I have a ridiculously long list of things that need to be done before Christmas. Braeden's birthday is next week and we'll have his party this Sunday. It should be great considering the fact that I'll have 35 people in my "almost finished, but completely not put back together" house. We're taking all of the kids bowling first and then we'll have a party with all of the kids plus relatives at home after. I have totally outsourced the party so I'm not worried about it at all, but it still takes plenty of planning and cleaning. Thank goodness for Evan's teacher who bakes on the side and is making us a wonderful Batman cake for the birthday boy. He is so excited!

When my house is finally back together, it will be time to decorate for Christmas. Yay!! This is my absolute most favorite time of the year and I look forward to all year long. Then the baking and the shopping and the wrapping. I refuse to complain about any of those because they are all things I love to do. I feel so behind already, but I'm sure it will all fall into place soon enough.

So one foot in front of the other and while I may not win the race, I expect to finish respectably. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!

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