Friday, November 30, 2012

A Book A Day

Two of the things I have great affection for are coming together in our house tomorrow: Christmas and books. I saw a pin on Pinterest several months ago about giving children a book a day leading up to Christmas. While I never look twice at most of what I pin, this idea stuck and I have been determined that I would actually make it happen in our house this year. I love books and my kids love books so it seems like a wonderful way to share and learn more about the season together.

25 Christmas books waiting to be wrapped

Each child has 8 books that will be theirs to open and then they will open the last book together on Christmas Day. We will alternate who gets to open each day. There was no way I was buying 75 books so that they could each open one a day! But I'm hoping they will learn to take turns and get excited when it is there day to open a book. They will be able to choose any one of the books that is wrapped in their paper when it's their turn. 

The books are all wrapped and ready to go! 

The final book for day 25 is wrapped in a separate paper and tucked in the back of the box behind all of the others. I'm not sure yet about where I should keep the box to ensure that Maggie doesn't open them all. However, I am super excited that I pulled it all together to actually start on December 1st. Let the Christmas celebrating begin!


  1. I love this idea! Maybe someday when I have grandchildren........but by then I will be too old to drive to the bookstore, I will have to order on line ha, ha. I'm sure your kids will enjoy this! Have fun.

  2. This is such a great idea. It will be so fun to read all the new books!

  3. Love this idea, books are the #1 present in our house for both Christmas Morning and The Days of Christmas!!!