Friday, August 10, 2012

Vacation Bible School

This week was VBS for the boys. It was bizarre to have them both gone every morning, but a really nice look at what fall will bring for our family. I was able to come home after dropping them off, put Maggie down for a nap and actually get some things done. That's right.. I accomplished something this week! I'm going to pretend you're all woot-wooting with me. 

Both Braeden and Evan love to go. I think they look forward to it all year. Fortunately there is VBS for a day once a month so they get little doses all year long. This year's theme was the Gold Rush. Over the course of the week they mined for gold, made books, made coin pouches (to store their treasures) and so much more. Along with all of the fun they learn verses, songs and bible stories. It's a week very well spent for them and they enjoy every minute. 

Today was the last day with the end program and pony rides. Roman, Maggie and I joined them for their program and lunch. 
 Getting ready to leave the house
 The Old West stage set-up
 Braeden and Jean
 Maggie entertaining herself during the program
 Singing a group song 
 Evan on the "little pony"
Braeden riding the bigger pony (they said it would be a pony but I think it may be a horse..)

We are so grateful to have this opportunity in our town. Our own church doesn't offer these types of programs for children and it's wonderful that the Baptist church opens their doors to everyone. We have many relatives and friends within the Baptist church so our boys feel very much at home there. What will I do when Maggie is old enough to go too? Oh the possibilities..

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