Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Set is Complete

I'm sure all mothers would agree that it is impossible to have too many pictures of your children. I take tons and every now and then try to get them done professionally. As I've posted before, we just had a family session with incredible results. But the only thing we couldn't do then was the picture collage that we get for each child from Sears when they turn one. I took Maggie this morning to get hers done and as usual, I am not disappointed. I'm sure it helped that my little diva hammed it up for the camera. 

Unfortunately I don't have Braeden's as a digital file, but this is the big picture for his collage.

We had to choose from the best of the not great shots of Evan. He has NEVER liked having his picture taken. 

Maggie on the other hand, enjoyed herself very much. 

Now our set is complete. 

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