Monday, August 27, 2012

Lazy Sunday at the Lake

When I was little we didn't take many big vacations. I remember going to Florida one year and visiting relatives in Virginia and Michigan, but we generally kept close to home spending one week each summer at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Outside of that our summers consisted of spending as much time as we could on the boat at a lake closer to home. We were very lucky to be able to water ski, go tubing and swim (before I was afraid of fish biting me) on a regular basis. While my parents still have a boat on that small lake, we don't get that many opportunities to join them anymore. But when we do, the kids get very excited and gather all of their water gear for a day on the lake. Yesterday was one of those days. The weather was perfect, the kids were rested and ready and we had plenty of snacks and food to keep them going. I have much love for summer days on the lake and I hope that my children get many more chances to enjoy in the fun.

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