Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Whirlwind Weekend of Fun - Day 2

After our adventures in the rain at Mystic Aquarium on Saturday, the weather cleared up on Sunday and brought with it warmer temperatures and a day full of animals, happy kiddos and even a camel ride! Everyone got a fairly good night sleep (except for the mom's - no surprise there), which was a blessing for the amount of walking we were about to do. We started out with the complimentary breakfast at the hotel.

After the adults ate and the kids pushed their food around their plates, we attempted yet again to get a group shot of all the kids. We were determined to get a good one at some point during the weekend. The fireplace seemed like a nice setting, but unfortunately the flash bounced right back at me and taking the picture without the flash is impossible since getting 5 children to stay perfectly still is like asking a snake to walk. 

We then preceded to pack up, lose one set of car keys (which were eventually found), and had the four older kids get into an elevator without an adult and start screaming and crying when they realized they were alone. Apparently a nice lady got in the elevator at the Lobby and rode back up to the third floor with them while Erin and I frantically tried to figure out where they were going to get out. It was pretty good exercise since I was running up and down carrying Maggie. Needless to say they were back in the room with Roman before Erin found them. I'm pretty sure they won't do that again. After all of that fun, we were off to the zoo.

We all loved feeding the deer, except for me because I was the official photographer for both families working with two cameras and pushing a stroller. But I'm pretty okay with not getting slimy deer spit all over my hands and arms. 

My camera battery started flashing red around this point so I had to be selective about the pictures I took the rest of the day. I'm lucky that Erin was taking pictures all day and I can load hers onto my computer too. The zoo just isn't the zoo without seeing the Mandrill's. I always thought they were baboons and I discovered that they used to be until someone verified that there was just enough difference to give them their own classification. And now you know.

We rode the train even though it's a pretty boring ride because with Braeden, you go on every train ride, every where.

We hit up the rides while Maggie watched incredibly patiently.

How about that poof she's got going?
And ended the day riding the camels.

Even though we were all exhausted by Sunday night, it was well worth it. I actually wish I had a picture of Erin and I post trip. I think we would both have been sound asleep by 8:00pm if it had been possible. We all had a fantastic time and made some memories that I hope the kids keep with them for a long time. How often can you touch a stingray and ride a camel in the same weekend? 

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  1. Those are great pictures! Animals are amazing. Scary about the elevator! I would have been freaking out. But I bet you are right, they probably won't ever do that again! :)