Friday, May 24, 2013

Another BIG Braeden Moment

Last Saturday was the annual Fun Run and Carnival at our elementary school. I had been trying to convince Braeden to participate in the Fun Run but for the most part he was uninterested. Until... they had an assembly at school promoting how fun it would be and that all kids who raced and crossed the finish line would receive a prize that others attending just the carnival would not. From that moment on, Braeden was in! He never looked back and was ready to go bright and early Saturday morning. He ran with a couple of friends and had a blast.

It's only a half mile but when you're six and not used to pacing yourself, it can be exhausting!

The pirate necklace was the participation prize.
He was so proud of himself and Roman and I were over the moon that he took the chance and ran. It was a fantastic day!

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