Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Part 2

Monday was our big day of fun and activity for Teacher Appreciation Week, but we continued to acknowledge the teachers every day with raffle prizes and daily gifts. We also had several door prizes that were open to anyone in the building.

Tuesday's raffle theme: Classy Classroom

Wednesday's raffle theme: Loving Local Living 
 (The raffle gifts weren't out yet when the picture was taken, but we gave away three separate prizes donated by businesses in town)

Thursday's raffle theme: Sensationally Sweet

Friday's raffle theme: Nurturing Nature

We also gave out magnets as the gift that day so that we wouldn't have to take up any space on the table. We have to keep the table free because Friday is the luncheon and our parents bring in amazing food to spoil the teachers for lunch. 

(phone pic)

One of my favorite parts of the whole week was having the students involved. When we talked about various ways to include the kids, we knew that we didn't want their participation to require purchasing anything or large projects that would take too much time to be fun. We settled on a daily schedule of having the students use various pieces of information about their teachers and then the class that had the highest percentage of participation at the end of the week won a trip to the Creamie! Our daily activities were simple and the kids and teachers all had a lot of fun in the process. 

  • Monday: Wear your teacher's favorite color
  • Tuesday: Bring in the title of a book about your teacher's favorite animal
  • Wednesday: Draw a picture of your teacher celebrating his/her favorite holiday
  • Thursday: Bring in a fact about the state (or country for the Canadian born teachers) where your teacher was born
  • Friday: Create a math problem that has an answer equal to the number of years your teacher has worked at NES
Two classes ended up having 100% participation! It was such a fun week. Now, what to do next year??

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