Monday, May 20, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 1

Teacher Appreciation Week was a couple of weeks ago. This year Stacy and I decided to choose a theme and work the rest of the week from there. 

Our 2013 theme:

We began with our usual cleaning and decorating of the Staff Room on the Sunday evening before TA Week started. 

Monday was the day that the "great mystery" was solved for the students and staff. First thing in the morning the staff were greeted with the decorated staff room and their first daily gift and raffle prize along with a wonderful breakfast spread provided by a local store, Mim's Market, here in town. But that was just the beginning. We had been planning and preparing for an afternoon assembly for weeks! The secrecy had the teachers worried which made us laugh because it was a week all about celebrating them. Why would we throw water balloons at them?? Some really believed that something like that was in store..

But no, it was really a red carpet introduction!

Each teacher had a star banner on the wall that was moved to their classroom door after the assembly. They were introduced to deafening cheers and lots of hand slapping. Many teachers said they felt like rock stars. It was a ton of work, but to see the interaction between the staff and students was worth every single minute of preparation. Our Principal was fantastic as the emcee and did a Q&A game that we had created at the end so that we could all learn some new things about the teachers. They have done some really cool stuff!

In the next post I'll share the rest of the week and how we got the students involved (and motivated to stay involved).

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