Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Recent Days: Instagram Style

We just haven't had much excitement around here lately. Evan stayed home from school sick today and Maggie is acting weird so she may not be far behind. Oh the joy. I wanted to post some of my favorite Instagram pictures from lately for two reasons: 1- I'll have them saved in one more place, and 2- this way Roman gets to see them because he's a caveman and doesn't use any social media.

A jammie day over the weekend. 

Crazy kids highlighting what makes each one of them unique. 

A snowy day on Monday. I love the picturesqueness of New England.

Evan can be sick, but he still has to beat the next level of his sword fight game on the Wii.

My pigtail girl!

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  1. Maggie's hair got so long. Love the pig tails!