Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Different Kind of Productive

January has been a joyful month for us so far; Roman has a new job, Braeden is getting a handle on reading, we've been doing lots of sledding and things have been going along nice and smoothly. I haven't taken many pictures at all because life has been rather status quo, which is great, but doesn't create a lot of picture taking opportunities. Jen and I decided to take a couple of months off of sign making before we go nuts getting ready for the spring craft fair season so I've found myself doing something fairly unusual these days.. watching tv. Not only have I caught up on some of my DVR'd favorites, but I've watched complete seasons of a couple of different shows that I had heard about but never seen.

I saw so much buzz on Twitter and Facebook a few weeks ago when the third season of Downton Abbey was about to premiere that I had to see it for myself. Roman and I started watching it and were instantly hooked. We watched seasons 1 and 2 in two weeks and are now caught up to the episodes that are currently airing. What can be better than smug British Aristocrats who deplore people who violate old traditions and traitorously go to the United States? The grandmother on the show is worth watching for; she is hilarious.

When Jen and I were working before Christmas we would sometimes catch up on On Demand episodes of Revenge that she had missed. I had never seen it before and it is definitely not a show that you can jump into in the middle. There are way to many plot lines and characters to not have the background from the start of the series. I'm almost caught up to current episodes and I can't get enough. I don't watch soap operas during the day, but this is certainly close to that with lots of rich people, murders, alcohol and deception. Makes for some interesting watching.

My last new time-consuming activity isn't a tv show, but sure is addicting. Erin told me about Candy Crush Saga and oh my goodness do I spend far too much time playing this game.

I have made it to level 30 so far and it's a pretty mindless way to pass the time. Thank you January for giving me the chance to veg out a little and take some down time. I wouldn't really call what I've been doing productive, but it's been entertaining and helped me to catch a few deep breathes that I had been desperately needing. 

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  1. I don't watch Downtown Abbey or Revenge but I wish I did. I hear such great things about both. I just can't add anymore shows b/c as it is I hardly have enough time to blog, watch shows, etc. Ha!

    So happy for your hubby about the job!!