Monday, January 28, 2013

My Kids are Parrots

First of all, and completely unrelated to this post, I was just thinking about how I should really pay more attention to the weather. Apparently it's supposed to get yucky around here later and I had no idea. I tend to take the weather as it comes, unless it's a hurricane, because I will ALWAYS be first in line to buy water and batteries in the case of a hurricane. Seriously. But anyway, as I was noticing that there were already cancellations and early dismissals being posted I thought "hmm.. I wonder when it will start". As it turns out, it already did. I could have saved myself a whole thought by simply looking out the window. Yet another lesson learned. Check.

Now back to the fact that my kids are parrots. Maggie not so much because she can't say a whole lot yet, but she is VERY good at mimicking tone. As in reprimanding her brothers in a growly voice. Not that we ever need to yell at our children because they are so full of "listening ears" and respect all the time. But on the chance that we may raise our voices, or heaven forbid for them, lower them (that is the worst possible sign that I am not just a little angry with you, but a lot) she's right on it. She'll stand at the top of the stairs and call them to dinner too which is hilarious to listen to. She is really progressing in her language so it's super cute to see what words she chooses to try.

Evan has come leaps and bounds with his speech in the last few months. We will have him evaluated this spring because I know he needs it, but for now we (his family) can understand most of what he says. He is my most vocal parrot. I will ask him to do something and he very nonchalantly responds with "in a minute". Hmm.. sounds familiar. He loves to watch Wipeout and it is on TruTV a couple of nights a week. If you've ever seen that channel you know that Wipeout is the only show on it that is remotely appropriate for children. So whenever Evan is checking to see if it's on and it isn't I'll hear "Nope. Can't watch that. It's an adult show. We don't watch adult shows. Need to change the channel".

Braeden likes to be in charge so he is most likely to be telling the other two what to do. "If you don't finish your supper Evan, you don't get dessert. Sorry". If he's in the middle of something, "I'll help you when I'm done". Such a mini-adult sometimes. He's also become quite liberal with his use of "in a minute". I used to do everything they asked when they asked so that I could be a great mom. (laugh, it's okay) Then I started realizing I couldn't indulge them immediately all the time, so I started saying, "in a minute" and "I'll help you when I'm done".. Sounds familiar. I knew it would come back to get me.

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