Monday, October 1, 2012

This Girl Loves Her Chocolate

Maggie has a bit of a sweet tooth to say the least. If there is something sweet in our house, this child will find it! Evan is the same way, but not Braeden who isn't really a big chocolate guy at all. Hmm.. I just don't get that. Chocolate is my happy place.

As we are moving into our kitchen transition, which has now turned into taking out everything but the fireplace between our living room and kitchen, I am trying to clean out my cabinets and pantry so that I have less to pack into boxes when the time comes. The kids and I love to bake anyway and this was a good excuse to make something yummy and let Maggie get her chocolate face on.

Evan has always loved to bake with me and now Maggie insists on having a chair for her too. It's not exactly convenient for moving around efficiently, but it is super cute. I am very relieved that for the moment she is willing to sit in her chair. I can only imagine when she wants to add ingredients too. 

Evan was asleep when we made the frosting so she didn't have to share! Life is good in this house. 

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