Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Braeden's team had a soccer game last night. He was very excited to play and has been having a blast this year at his practices. He played goalie one week and was so proud of himself for stopping so many shots. But I think he got a bit confused last night when the coach told him to play defense. I'm not sure he actually knew what that meant because he spent quality time standing in one spot. I think he thought he was supposed to stay where he was and not let the ball get by him there, much like his goalie experience. I kept yelling at him to move around and he did some, but...
Waiting for the ball to come to him.

An airplane maybe?!

Making sure his hat was just right.


Waving to his friends on the sideline

I think he enjoyed sitting on the sidelines with all of the "Parker Avenue Boys" as much as he did the game. 

He did get into the game a little and run after the ball sometimes. I hope that in the future he understands more about what is going on and participates more fully. But I guess it's better than Evan who only plays at his practices when I'm there (even though Roman is the coach).

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