Friday, October 19, 2012

Favorite Charities

Today at Kelly's Korner the Show Us Your Life topic is favorite charities. While I wish I was a wealthy philanthropist and could give to everyone who needs, I keep my donations at this time fairly directed at charities that help children. At this stage in my life I cannot help but be compelled to contribute whatever I am able to these groups who are desperately searching for ways to keep our children healthy and heal those who are not. No amount is ever too small when it comes to helping.

The Jimmy Fund - I am a big supporter of the Jimmy Fund for what they do and also because their origin is right here in Massachusetts. When you grow up around here watching the Red Sox, Dana Farber and The Jimmy Fund become ingrained in your brains. They help to give children with cancer a fighting chance and are constantly working to find a cure.

St. Jude - Again, it is so important to work towards the cure for childhood cancers. No child deserves to suffer and St. Jude is amazing at helping families deal with the process as they help to take care of so many children.

March of Dimes - We were fortunate to never have a NICU stay or need special care for our children, but there are many families who do. Donating to the March of Dimes is a way to help ensure a successful future for the babies who need assistance.

Two Hearts for Hope - This is an organization that helps children in orphanages in Kazakhstan and Russia. It was started by a woman I know along with her friend and does great things for children who would otherwise have very little. The mission right now is to sponsor Christmas boxes for the children in the orphanage that Kim recently adopted her son from. $15 could change a child's life and heart. Please consider donating.

In our house money is tight, but I always give whatever I can to these charities because I think what they do is so important and valuable. And while we are lucky not to need their services, many people do. Just think of what the world could do if everyone gave them all a few dollars.


  1. These are terrific charities that do great works.

  2. I had never heard of the Jimmy fund. Thank you for introducing me to a new Charity!