Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall in New England

We have been super busy recently and every free moment I have is dedicated to trying to be ready for the next craft fair. But we've had some amazing weather the last couple of days that simply begged for time spent outside doing some of the things that make fall such an incredible time of year.

Yesterday we went to a friend's farm to pick pumpkins. The kids wanted to go to a local business and buy pumpkins, but what fun is that when you can wander through a field and actually pick them off the vine! I will admit that we came home with far more pumpkins than we could ever need or use, but it was worth it to watch them frolicking through the field working together to pick out their special pumpkins and carry or roll them over to the piles at the edge.

 We always have to at least try a group shot. 

Today I raked some leaves and after school the kids got to jump and play and do what every child should do this time of year. So many memories are made doing the simple things in life. It makes my heart so happy to watch my kids find the joy in activities that have lasted through generations. Some things never get old and can't be technologically updated. For that I am very grateful. 

I love fall for so many reasons. You can't help but smile seeing all the beautiful colors of the foliage. The weather gets cooler and allows me to get out my fleece coats and it means we're getting that much closer to the Christmas season!

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  1. Jumping in leaves is the BEST! So glad people still do that. My yard only had pine needles and that was never as much fun! Haha!