Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday at the Beach

We set out (not early enough) yesterday morning for Maine to visit some friends and take the kids to the beach. We don't usually attempt the busy beaches during the summer, but our friends have a campsite at Old Orchard so we took the opportunity to show the kids what fun it can all be in the summertime. It took us 3.5 hours to get the bridge headed into Maine when it should only take 2. Not a great start to the day. We were just a tad stressed, but the kids did awesome and Maggie only got fussy when we were already in Maine. I am so grateful for how easy going my children are. Their ability to adapt and go with the flow makes it possible for us to do these activities as a family.

 Waiting for the trolley to the beach!

A few more people than we're used to...

Maggie's first time in the ocean. She didn't mind it at all until a wave hit her in the face.. oops!

All of the boys loved playing in the water. I didn't know what Evan would think since he has been so opposed to going in any water outside of his own pool this summer. But to our surprise, he got right into his bathing suit and ran immediately into the water when we got there. There was playing and sand castle building attempts and body surfing and all around good times. It was a beautiful day and all of the kids would probably have played until the sun went down if we had let them. 

They were however, easily enticed out of the water to go the amusement park. Braeden was brave enough to go on the log ride with Melissa and I and Evan even went on a ride all by himself while we were doing that. Go Evan! Maggie experienced her first ride ever when Melissa took her on the Carousel. I get too dizzy to go on rides so it was great that Melissa offered to take Mags. 

 She liked it!

Braeden thought it was pretty cool that he got to ride a goat..

My camera died after that, but we continued to have a great time. We had dinner and the kids played at the playground. Then after the boys went to take showers at the campground bathrooms (a big thrill to them), even though Neil and Melissa have a shower in their camper, we went to get some ice-cream before heading home. Fortunately the trip home was the usual 2.5 hours. Thank goodness. I think Roman might have had to be committed if he had to sit in traffic anymore. 

We are having the best summer this year. The kids are so happy to go on adventures and try new things and it is making it so fun for me because I get out of the house and experience new things too! I know I say it over and over, but we have amazing family and friends and it's so great to have people to spend the summer with, having fun, swimming, and eating too! What would summer be without lots of barbecues, ice-cream trips and spur of the moment decisions to have lunch or dinner with friends. We are so blessed and happy. 


  1. What a great day trip. I've never been there but hear it is beautiful and hope to visit someday!

  2. Fun! Now the trip down here to our beaches, where the water is super warm, like the pools at home will be a piece of cake :)