Friday, July 13, 2012

Five On Friday: Summer List

Today I am borrowing from my friend Leigh who posts lists on Fridays of things she loves, wants to do, accomplish, etc. I love waiting to see what she'll be highlighting each week. Today she wrote about the activities she would like to do this summer. I can totally come up with a list like that, so I'm going to join in the fun today.

1. Swimming lessons for Braeden - We actually just finished his session of lessons yesterday and I'm so happy that we took the plunge and signed him up this year. I knew he needed them and he's finally at a point where he's gained confidence and able to do new things. He loved his instructors and actually was the only one in his group so he was the sole recipient of their attention. I'm happy to say that he is more comfortable in the water now and can propel himself around with the assistance of a noodle. That's big doings in the swimming world for him. Roman and I are very proud of how he adapted and learned so much in the 12 classes.
Braeden with his instructors

2. Go Bowling - My boys love to bowl and this summer I signed up for the Kids Bowl Free program at our local bowling alley. It is free to sign up and each child you sign up gets two free games a day during the summer. I hope to take advantage more than once since it's a fun activity for them and doesn't cost anything to do. 

3. Get to Ikea - This one is solely for me. I need some supplies for an upcoming craft fair and I so love to poke around that store. But it's definitely not a trip I like to make with the family because we're in the car such a long time and then with all the car seats, there isn't much space to load my purchases to get them home. 

4. Go to the Beach - We aren't necessarily beach people, but I think that living as close to the coast as we do, we should be able to make the effort at least once a year to get our kids toes in the ocean. We're supposed to go visit friends in Maine in a couple of weeks for the day so this one should be easy to accomplish. 

Maine 2011

5. Organize, Organize, Organize - We recently moved all of the boys toys to the playroom and only left Maggie's in the living room. It makes our living room so much cleaner and easier to pick up at the end of the day. Before the end of this summer I would like to work on our whole house and try to organize what we need to keep and get rid of the rest. This has been a goal for years, but I'm really hopeful that I can get started and at least organize one or two more rooms. This will be the most difficult, but maybe I'll have so more luck and motivation now that I've written it down. 

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  1. The girls start swimming lessons on the 23rd, but the Puddle Jumper has been a HUGE savior for us, if Evan doesn't have one, check them out!!! I adore Ikea, just went a few weeks ago, but like you, I just can't imagine taking my children there, good grief!!!