Monday, July 23, 2012

Friday Fun at The Friendly Farm

On Friday morning we took Maggie on her first trip to The Friendly Farm. When the boys were little they were timid around the animals, but not Maggie! That girl touched any animal that got close, giggled when the goats jumped on her stroller and thought the chickens were just great. 

Apparently the chicks were funny.

Even Braeden held a chick. He had done it at school this year which is a HUGE deal for him.

This goat was headbutting Maggie from behind. It was pretty funny!

While we were busy playing with, and feeding the goats, one of the workers came to ask if we wanted to help feed the baby cow. Well of course! That's one of our favorite parts of visiting there. We've only ever fed goats before so a cow was a big treat.  

Everywhere you go, there are goats VERY willing to eat..

The brown sheep kept following Brayden around. He gladly obliged by feeding it.

We decided to try and get some group (or as many of the group as we could get to cooperate) pictures.. I'm sure everyone in the world with kids knows how hard that is. Add the distraction of chickens and goats continuing to walk around you and it becomes even harder, but we did it!

Notice there is no Evan. He was way to busy to stop and pose. 

We love to go to the Friendly Farm and we were very glad to take our friends with us who were going for their first time. It's great for little kids because it's small and there aren't any big intimidating animals like a zoo. Don't get me wrong, I love the zoo, but I wouldn't want to be wandering around inside the fences with lions or giraffes.. Can you believe that the same horse that was there when I went as a kid is still at The Friendly Farm today? Kinda crazy. 

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  1. That goat headbutting her is hilarious! I need to take Westin to our drive through safari. He would love it!