Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Maggie!

One very short year ago I saw your face for the first time at 7:51am. You were beautiful and happy and snuggly from the very first moment. Just perfect. I had waited nine long months to hold you in my arms and whisper how much I loved you and to tell you what an amazing blessing you were to our family. You are the daughter I didn't even know that I so desperately desired and the sister that your brothers had been dreaming about. Your daddy loves you lots too. 

We will celebrate with our family and friends this weekend, but today my baby girl, is simply about our small family of five celebrating the day that you completed our puzzle. We will give you your favorite foods, which means lots of watermelon for sure, and your first cupcake ever. I have no doubt that you will enjoy your special treat by smearing it all over your face and through your hair. Your brothers will laugh and point at the mess you have created and daddy and I will do our best to clean you up and then ultimately just put you in the tub to wash away the excess. 

 As you turn 1 today, I think about the personality that is so evident already. You are stubborn, a bit indignant  at times, but mostly a happy, joyful baby who enjoys playing outside whenever we will take you. When you are stuck inside and the boys are playing in the yard, you will stand at the door and yell to them in hopes of one of them coming to free you. They know better, but you never stop trying. You love attention and have no trouble getting other children (and adults) to play with you. I'm happy to say that you finally have teeth. I didn't know if you'd ever push those babies through, but in the last month you have gotten 7, including 3 last Friday!! You got a little jealous of your friend Brody yesterday and tried to take some steps for the first time. You were successful taking two steps twice. I really don't think you're actually ready to walk yet, but apparently you have a different plan. We'll have to wait and see what happens. 

 Happy Birthday beautiful girl. This is your day and we will celebrate from the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed. I love you so very, very much.