Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday Night at the Fair

Roman and I have never taken our kids to the local fair. They've been to the EMS parade to see Grampa march with the Fire Department, but we usually call it good after that. This year we were invited to go on Friday night with our friends so we took the plunge and headed for the midway and most importantly, the fried dough!
 How does this poor guy sleep with all of those horns?



 Maneuvering the midway

 Excited for the rides

 Riding the rides!

 Waiting for everyone else to ride the Ferris Wheel

The big dragons!

The crowd was huge and it was also truck pull night (holy loudness), but we still had lots of fun watching the kids excitement and they bounced from ride to ride. After dinner, fried dough and ice-cream, we called it a successful night and went home to get some well-deserved sleep. 

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  1. I love going to fairs. The animals are my favorite especially the goats! Ha! Looks like you had a fun night. Oh and YES to fried dough!