Thursday, September 6, 2012

Braeden's First Day of Kindergarten

The day has finally arrived. I feel as though we've been waiting for Kindergarten to start forever. Evan started two weeks ago and the first through sixth graders in Braeden's school started last week so it seems like the poor kindergartners have had to wait a very long time for their turn.

Yesterday was Open House and today was THE day. We gathered all of the necessary supplies last night and prepared his back pack and as much of his lunch as we could ahead of time. Braeden couldn't sit still as we talked about what the day would bring and how excited/nervous he was. Before bed we read "The Night Before Kindergarten" (thank you Turner Family) and he assured me that he would be just fine.

This morning started bright and early with Braeden asking to eat and get dressed at 6:45. I'm not exactly a morning person so that was still a tad early for me so he kindly waited until 7:15. I love that boy so much. When everyone was ready (much earlier than we needed to be) we headed outside for some pictures.
First Day 2012

After dropping Evan off at his school we headed over to the Elementary School for the obligatory pictures and to send Braeden on his way into the big world of full day school.
 The same school where I had my first day in 1983

 Waiting in Erin's room for it to be time to go to their classrooms

 Ready to go!

Braeden's cubby in his classroom

He's so lucky to have two of his best friends in his class

There were no tears for either of us. Clearly he is ready as he basically said good-bye and kept playing. I'm so proud of the little boy that he is and I am eager to see what he learns and how he develops as the year goes on. I hope that he makes lots of friends, feels comfortable with the people, finds security in his surroundings and is openly willing and able to learn and absorb the many lessons he will be taught. The time has come to accept that he will now be spending as much time with someone else as he does with me during the week. It will be good for both of us. 
What? I'm the only one home in the mornings now?!? 


  1. He looks so happy. Hope he will love school! And now for lots of girly time!

  2. So glad that he shared the same excitement Liv did. No fear here either!! Odd that it makes us proud and a bit sad at the same time. I hope he has a fantastic year!!