Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Lovely Valentine's

This year Valentine's Day came with more snow. Not really a surprise these days since it seems to snow constantly. But on Friday we were in day two of a big storm. On the eve of Winter Vacation from school we had two days off for snow which is our second recent school break with two extra days. 

My grandmother made decorations with them one night while she was babysitting. 

The big question all week was whether or not to make treats for school. We decided to go for it and made these yummy cookies which we have since eaten. Now we will make them again next weekend for the school celebration after break.  

The boys both made their own cards for their friends at school. Evan insisted on doing all of the writing himself which included the names of 22 classmates and 5 teachers! It took him a few days but he did it. Braeden decided to draw each person a picture of something they like or enjoy to do on their card. It was very sweet and so thoughtful. I love that they each care enough to put the time and effort into their friends. 

On Valentine's Day the kids were delighted with the Flashlight Friends we gave them. 

Roman and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day with gifts for each other. I have never really loved the holiday for a variety of reasons but I love celebrating it for my kids! I will take any excuse to show them how much I love them. :)

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  1. The cookies look so yummy!!! My kiddos have talked so much about flash light friends. Have your kids really enjoyed them?