Sunday, February 9, 2014

His Sights Are On The Olympics

I'm not sure if it's the connection to Russia because Roman is from there or if Braeden is just old enough now to really appreciate the Olympics this year, but he is very into everything that has to do with this year's Winter Olympics. He wants to watch any sport that is on and is still marveling at all of the countries included and how it all works.

On Friday while we were at an incredibly fun sledding party for his first grade class, he spent over an hour on his snowboard. He went from top to bottom most times and was so proud of his ability to balance and stop. When we were watching the Opening Ceremonies later that night he announced that he wants to compete as a snowboarder in the Olympics. I love his passion, but I'm pretty sure it's probably not in the cards for his future. Everybody needs dreams! And really, I guess never say never!

And yes, I know he's not wearing a helmet but it's a small hill and a toy snowboard :)

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  1. How fun! Evan got hooked to the last summer Olympics. I can so relate! Braeden looks so big snow boarding!!!