Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some of My Favorite Instagram Pictures

I really haven't been all that good about taking pictures over the last few months either. Most of the pictures I took at all were on my phone and I don't even have access to most of those right now because I got a new phone for Christmas. I really should get them all off of the old phone and saved on my computer. Maybe I'll get to that in another few months :) Here's a look at some of my favorite recent Instagram pictures..

Cousin Love

This beauty can rock the sunglasses

Maggie and Lucy have a deep love for each other

Christmas shopping dinner date

Evan loves it when Lucy comes to pick him up from school

Basketball started this year and he loves it!

In case anyone in the world doesn't know about Stickygram, it's a great company that turns your favorite Instagram photos into magnets. I have them all lined up on my refrigerator and it's like having a photo album right there next to me. I love them!

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