Sunday, January 12, 2014

Now to Begin Catching Up

No matter how ambitious I might be, I know I will never go back and write all of the posts that "could have been" over the last few months. So the highlights will have to do and when my kids (hopefully) read my blog in the future, they'll think, "ah, yes, that's the time our kitchen table was full of wood and paint ALL THE TIME". Oh the fun of painting and sanding for hours on end every day. I maxed out one day at 16 straight hours of painting!

The beginning of school also brought soccer season. Once again we tried to convince Evan to play but he refused, as usual. He LOVES sports, but isn't ready for team play yet. Braeden was playing for his third year and I'm pretty sure soccer isn't his sport, but he went out there every week and had fun. He's really looking forward to the possibility that our town is bringing in flag football next year. I know he would much rather play football and since we won't let him play anything with pads until he's in junior high, flag will be a perfect start.

While Braeden was busy at practice, the other two would spend their time playing on the playground having lots of fun of their own.

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  1. I wish that our town had flag football. We just have full on tackle. Evan's really wanting to play, but I think that we are going to wait another year. I'm also super jealous that your soccer field has a playground. I would LOVE it if ours did!