Monday, January 13, 2014

Halloween 2013

I have never been a huge Halloween fan, but I do love to see the kids get dressed up and all of the smiles and giggles that come from running up and down the road with their friends while trick or treating. Unfortunately for us this year it was pouring rain! It didn't dampen spirits, but we were very wet at the end! The boys planned with Brayden and Riley to be various characters from Super Mario Brothers. They tried to include Maggie, but she beats to her own drum and in the end wouldn't even put her Minnie costume on :( She did however let me throw a tutu over her clothes so she was a fairy princess of some sort. They all looked adorable and had a blast despite the rain.

Pumpkin carving!

Braeden carved his all by himself this year! He went to a pumpkin carving night at school the week before and was so proud that he was able to do the carving so he came home and showed me. I'm definitely not going to complain about one less pumpkin to cut out! 

Our final products.. Evan's (bottom right) was a Wipeout course.

Mario and Toad

..and a princess..?

Mario and Luigi

Princess Peach, Toad, Luigi and Mario

Our trick or treating group. You can't even see Jake, but he's all in black behind the raindrop next to the hulk. 

The rain soaked us but everyone had a great time!

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