Friday, December 21, 2012

Kitchen Project Complete (Well Almost)

The months have ticked by and slowly we have accomplished a kitchen makeover that I am very happy with.  The knobs and drawer pulls just went on this week and now we're as close as we can be until the floor goes down. I know that it's not everybody's taste (read: my Grandmother really liked the knotty pine), but it's pretty close to what I envisioned when I thought about the kitchen that I wanted in this house that would really complete the feeling of making it our home. To this point, in the six years that we've lived here, we had redone almost every other space, including the basement, but never been willing to undertake the kitchen. Little did I know that when I said yes I would be creating a whole new style living space for us. Now the kitchen and the living room flow as one. Very exciting, especially when you have little kids who like to run in circles! It's just in time for Christmas too. We didn't do all of our typical decorating this year because I didn't have it in me to work around the construction, painting, etc., but next year I'll be able to come up with a whole new style of decorating too!

I haven't put much up on the walls yet (and the outlet covers are still off waiting for a final coat of paint), but I love it. The one thing I couldn't wait to do was get my babies up on the wall in our new entryway area. I love, love, love how it turned out. 

I have a little bit of shopping left to do, lots of wrapping and then I'm ready to celebrate the holiday. And since the world didn't end today, I guess I better get on that!

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