Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Fun

This year we've added lots of new activities to our Christmas countdown. It's made the season lots more fun and exciting for all of us. As soon as Braeden wakes up every morning, he's out of bed and looking for our elf, Martin. We've only had one Martin issue so far when Maggie and Evan both touched him. Thanks to a friend we knew that Santa could send a helper elf down from the North Pole to sprinkle more magic dust on Martin to give him his magic back. Thank goodness!! Now he only hides out in high places. Smart elf.

Evan's favorite part of every day is opening the book of the day. He always knows whose turn it is to open a book that day. As into the elf as Braeden is, Evan is equally as dedicated to the books. The best part is all the new books we've gotten to read. I had to read them Duck and Goose Christmas yesterday morning in bed because they just couldn't wait. It's a good thing it has big words so I could see them without my glasses!

We've also added a countdown tree this year. The boys are constantly asking me how long until Christmas so it seemed like a good investment to get the tree so they could visually see how many more times they needed to move the candy cane before we got to Christmas. It's a nice bright decoration too!

We haven't really baked any holiday goodies yet, but that's more for self preservation. The boys won't eat anything but chocolate chip cookies so any special candy or cookies end up being eaten by Roman and I and we really don't need them all. Maggie will eat some, but not enough to justify entire batches of anything. We did bake gingerbread ornaments the other day which they all enjoyed decorating for the tree. Brayden and Riley were here with us after school so we painted and added glitter glue and created a gingerbread person for each of the members of our families along with some other fun shapes. It was a blast and they smell good on your tree too. I can't believe we only have 2 weeks to go!!!


  1. I need to hit B&N after Christmas to snag some of those books, I thought we had a lot of Christmas Books, but turns out we are missing quite a few!

  2. I've never heard of opening a new Christmas book every day - what a neat idea! That's a great way to get kids excited to read and enjoy many books. Great idea - thanks for sharing!

  3. I love elf on the shelf. It is such a fun thing to do for kids at xmas. And I know I already told you but I love that you are doing that book a day thing. So cute and fun! I haven't done any baking yet either but maybe this weekend!