Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maggie's 2nd Birthday Party

On Sunday we celebrated Maggie's 2nd birthday with our incredible family and friends. My children are so lucky to have so many people who love them and make every occasion wonderful and memorable. We did some decorating the night before since we were going to be celebrating my dad's birthday on Sunday morning and I knew I wouldn't have much time to get things all together that day. I used the colors of her birthday shirt as inspiration for the overall d├ęcor. Lots of pink and teal which is very trendy right now so it was easy to find.

The birthday girl wasn't into posing for pictures. As a matter of fact she has been telling me "no camera" and pointing to someplace for me to put it down. I really wanted a good picture of her in her cute birthday outfit, but the best I could do was catch her on the swing.
She loves having people to sing Happy Birthday to her and beamed the entire time that we sang. She tried really hard to blow out her candles, but one just wouldn't go out so I helped a little.

She tore right into her presents. Most of the time she didn't even care what was inside, she just moved on to more unwrapping.

It was extremely hot and sticky out so the kids eventually started to play in the kiddie pool. I wasn't outside in the beginning, but I'm going to guess that Maggie was the first one in.
Soon enough the kids moved from the pool to our own "water slide". They had a blast!

All of the water fun left the birthday girl with a bit of a "big" diaper.
She and Evan had a late supper because they were too busy to eat with everyone else earlier.
We had lots of fun celebrating!


  1. What a fun party! I love the color of all of the decorations. Summer back yard birthdy parties are the best! Maggie's birthday outfit is adorable!!!!

  2. I love all the decorations, and the birthday girl looked so cute! Yep, getting two year olds to cooperate for pictures is a challenge. :-)