Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter Fun

The blizzard of 2013 has come and gone and we are all survivors! I would say we are very lucky with where we live because we only got a couple of feet and the roads were passable shortly after the storm subsided on Saturday. I feel very badly for the people in Connecticut where both Roman and I use to work who got anywhere from 35-40 inches. They are still digging out and many roads haven't even been touched by plows yet. I really can't imagine that. They missed a week of school early in the year due to Hurricane Sandy and now they are on day 2 of being out due to Noreaster Nemo. Like I said, I'm really glad we live here now. It's beautiful and besides the freezing rain we are getting today, it's a total winter wonderland.

Clean up took a little longer than usual

The kids have been out sledding and playing and have a fantastic time enjoying the many activities that snow provides. Roman always snow blows to the swing set because our swing set gets no rest. Evan did a full flip (by accident) off of a swing yesterday and landed face down in the snow, but 20 inches of fluffy snow does a  lot of cushioning and he wasn't hurt at all. Thank goodness. It was actually pretty impressive. Imagine a gymnast dismounting from the parallel bars, but belly flopping instead of landing on their feet. 

Today is back to school despite the terrible weather, but I don't blame the districts for being open. With vacation coming next week we really need to get some days in! I'm hopeful that the snow will stay for a while so we can get lots of sledding and playing in before it's gone. We're planning on taking the boys skiing for the first time next week so all of this new snow is perfect timing. I am curious to see how they'll like it, but it's something that Roman's family has done his whole life and he really wants to kids to love it too. Yay for winter fun. 

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  1. Boston schools were closed again today. The sidewalks have not been cleared well at all. What a mess. I hate snow but glad the kids are all having fun!