Thursday, February 14, 2013

Geared Up and Ready to Go

Last night we took the boys to get their helmets and goggles for their first ski lesson this weekend. Because it's close to the end of the season we are opting to rent skis to make sure they like it and so that don't end up having to replace them next year if they need something different. They were very funny picking out their helmets. Evan knew that he wanted orange but didn't want to take more than a minute to try them on. Fortunately he was good with the first one he tried.
A satisfied customer!

Braeden wanted blue but the one he tried on was huge! It looked like a snowmobile helmet and I was afraid that he'd fall over because he wouldn't be able to balance with it on. He actually ended up with the same one as Evan in a size larger. 
It's hard to tell that he is super excited about skiing.

Not to be left out, Maggie had to try on a helmet as well, though she won't be starting until next year. My guess is that eventually she will be the one who enjoys skiing the most. 
She looks like more like she's going rock climbing..

I can't wait to see what will actually happen at the lesson. I think Braeden will run with it. I never thought I'd say that about Braeden regarding anything, but he is really excited about trying. Evan, well only time will tell. He may try and he very well may not. We'll see!

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